Love That Boy

Review “Love That Boy captures both the fears and gifts of fatherhood and writes about it with honest, selfless clarity. This book is a joy to read, and should be required for all new dads…Really.” —Jim Gaffigan, Comedian and author of Dad is Fat “This illuminating and touching book gives us the great gift of letting us know and appreciate the Asperger's world of young Tyler Fournier, who steals scenes from presidents while teaching his parents and all of us what is important in life. “ —David Maraniss, Pulitzer-prize winning author of Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story "Love That Boy is so honest, raw, open and unafraid that it will surprise you with its startling honesty. It helped me understand what some of my friends are going through as parents - even those who aren't facing a major health problem but are dealing with the pressures and expectations on themselves and their children. Ron's written a book about the grit and love it takes to get through life, and he and Lori emerge from those years with a stronger family and an appreciation for living that all of us can only hope to feel some day." --Former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino